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About You


I feel fortunate to have received this money that I didn’t earn. How can I best use it to help others without hurting myself?                                                         

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Business Owners Saint Louis, MO Gateway Wealth Management LLC

Business Owners

Some day, when I sell this business, I’ll have more money than I’ll ever need. When that day comes, how do I minimize my tax bill and give back to the community that helped make it a success?

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Nearing Retirement Saint Louis, MO Gateway Wealth Management LLC

Nearing Retirement

My number one priority is not running out of money in retirement. How can I make sure that I don’t run out of money for myself, while still making sure that I can support the causes I care about?

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Contemplating a Legacy Saint Louis, MO Gateway Wealth Management LLCContemplating a Legacy

I want to make sure that my kids are taken care of, but I know they won’t need all of this money. How do I balance my heirs and my philanthropy in my estate plan?

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