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About Gateway Wealth Management

Retirement Income & Tax Planning

We have the ability to make the greatest impact for people who are within 10 years of retirement to 5 years post retirement. That 15 year window is crucial for establishing and executing a plan designed to minimize your tax bill and allow you to live your best life, whatever that means to you. The earlier we begin working with a client in that window, the better.

Here are some examples of the questions we help clients answer:

  • When can I retire?
  • When should I claim Social Security benefits?
  • How much can I spend each month?
  • How can I minimize my tax bill?
  • Should I take a lump sum pension payment or monthly income?
  • Do I need a trust, or is a will sufficient?
  • What other estate planning documents should I have?
  • Should I change my investment mix as I age?
  • How can I avoid the Medicare IRMAA surcharge?

If you're struggling with these questions, please reach out by clicking here to schedule some time to chat.