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About You


  • either currently have, or expect to have more wealth than you and your family will need to live your ideal life.
  • want to use some of that wealth to help those who haven’t been as fortunate as you.
  • want to make sure you can afford to make the donations you desire.
  • are concerned that the donations you are currently making or are contemplating won’t make a meaningful impact on the causes and people you care about helping.
  • lack a cohesive mission/strategy for your philanthropy.
  • want to make philanthropy a family affair, but don’t know how best to get your kids or grandkids involved.

You are seeking an advisor who…

  • not only supports, but actively encourages you to think about ways to give away your money despite the fact that it will reduce the amount you pay him for advice.
  • understands that, although minimizing taxes to the greatest degree possible is important, the reason you want to give is to make an impact, not reduce your tax bill.
  • can help you preserve your own financial independence while also making sure philanthropy is high on the priority list.
  • has experience evaluating charities and assessing the impact they make.
  • has experience dealing with multiple generations within a family and helping to bridge any communication divides.